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Dvar for Miketz (Genesis 41:1-44:17)

When Pharaoh finally finds a satisfactory interpretation of his dreams, he proclaims that the interpreter, Yosef, is the most understanding and wise person (41:39). Yosef credits his interpretation as coming from G-d (41:16), so why does Pharaoh see fit to credit Yosef directly?

Rabbi Berel Wein explains that Yosef trained himself to turn visions into reality, such that Pharaoh’s dreams required action, a coupling that no one else considered. It was this emphasis on devising and executing a plan of action that prompted Pharaoh to declare Yosef the wisest and most understanding.

Throughout our lives, we encounter hopes and dreams, both our own and those of others. Turning ideas into practical plans of action not only substantiates those dreams and goals but turns them into reality. Discovering how the parsha is personal and relevant to our lives not only proves the Torah’s value but also solidifies our commitment to a plan of action that will help us become wiser and better people.