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Dvar for Chukat-Balak (Numbers 19:1-25:9)

When Balak’s first attempt to have Bilam curse the Jews failed, he suggested trying again from a different location (23:13). When that failed as well, he suggested moving to yet another location (23:27). Why would he think that moving locations would help?

Rav Meir Tzvi Bergman explains that Balak arrogantly thought that the curses depended on his or Bilam’s location rather than the content of the request or situation. In contrast, after waking up from his dream involving the ladder, Avraham davened (prayed) from the exact location, but changed his approach (Genesis 19:27). Avraham realized that if his prayer wasn’t answered the first time, he needed to either improve himself or the request. Blaming others or external factors will only lead to failure, as we learned from Balak. Avraham’s more reflective approach is ultimately what’s needed to achieve success.