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Dvar for Chaye Sarah (Genesis 23:1-25:18)

Just before Yitzchak meets his future wife Rivkah for the first time, the Torah records that he just visited Be’er Lachai Roi (24:62). Rashi explains that Yitzchak went there to bring back Hagar for his father Avraham to marry. This tidbit is a curious insertion, and many wonder why the pasuk tells us where Yitzchak is coming from if it doesn’t tell us what he did there.

Oznayim LaTorah suggests that since Yitzchak indirectly caused Hagar’s son Yishmael to be sent away from their home many years prior, he retrieves Hagar to fulfill his need to right that previous wrong. Almost immediately after this act of kindness, Yitzchak meets Rivkah, gets married, and continues his life. It seems that this act of kindness merits Yitzchak to find his wife and is a prerequisite to the next stage of his life. Correcting wrongs isn’t just virtuous in and of itself but has the potential to unlock our destiny.