Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Tzav 4th Aliyah

Moshe is instructed to gather the people and teach them about the service of the Mishkan (8:3). The next pasuk tells us that Moshe did as instructed, and that the community gathered (8:4). However, the Torah specifically tells us that the crowd gathered independently, not that Moshe gathered them. How, then, can the Torah tell us that Moshe did as he was told?

Rabbi Raphi Butler suggests that the fact that the people gathered on their own proves that Moshe inspires them and is therefore given credit for their independent actions. Inspiring future generations requires openly conveying our emotions and openheartedly expressing our awe and admiration to G-d for all that we receive.

As Pesach (and as with all of our holidays) approaches, as read this parashah, our focus becomes one of inspiring the next generation as we share the miracles of our past to help them forge their future. It may mean not rushing through the Haggadah in order to eat but facilitating a Seder that elicits emotions of our collective past and an engaging experience that inspires an appreciation for all that G-d has provided.