Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Tzav 3rd Aliyah

Parashas Tzav lists the various types of sacrifices one would bring. The first one described is the Olah, which is wholly sacrificed and brought twice a day, every day (6:2). This is followed by the Minchah, Chatas, and Asham offerings. The last one described is the Shelamim offering, given as an expression of gratitude (not related to any sin) and shared with the Kohen and the donor (7:11–15). Is there a reason for this particular order?

It could be that the sequence is a practical lesson for us: relationships need to start with constant giving (Olah offering). Parents are introduced to this form of selfless giving early on, even before a child is born, but it is vital to all our relationships, with friends, spouses, and G-d. If we follow that by devoting a portion of our efforts to others (Minchah offerings), followed by apologizing when we do something wrong (Chatas and Asham offerings), we’ll hopefully get to the point of thankfulness.