Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Shemini 4th Aliyah

After two of Aharon’s sons die offering their own unsanctioned sacrifice, Moshe instructs Aharon and his “remaining” sons to take the remaining offering and eat it with matzah beside the Altar…” (10:12). The word used for “remaining” sons (נותרים) shares the same root as the word for the remaining sacrifice, although the proper word should have been נשאר. What is the purpose of using this particular word, and what is the connection to the subsequent sacrifice mentioned?

Rav Hirsch proposes that the word נותר connotes the fact that the remaining two sons were tempted to act similarly to their brothers, but were salvaged from acting. What saved the remaining brothers from suffering their brothers’ fate? Perhaps it’s the fact that they exhibited humility in consulting others. This could also explain why the consumption of matzah is mentioned, signifying the symbolic humility of unleavened bread as the impetus for their survival. Positions of power and influence often require careful introspection and resolution to remain grounded and humble.