Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Shemini 2nd Aliyah

After concluding the offering of the sacrifices, “Aharon raises his hands to the nation and blesses them…” (9:22). The Torah uses the word ידו (instead of ָידָיו ) to refer to Aharon’s hand. Why is it missing a yud? And why did Aharon need to raise his hands at all?

Rav Hirsch suggests that the hands do not possess any blessing power, but then again, Aharon doesn’t either. Using an incomplete word to represent Aharon’s hands helps us understand that, in fact, neither Aharon himself nor his hands had any intrinsic power. Just as Aharon reflected G-d’s desire to bless the people, we can also strive to use our hands and selflessly reflect a purpose beyond our own.