Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Metzora 7th Aliyah

The Torah discusses the two turtle doves that women, following their period of niddah, are to bring to the Kohen to make into an offering (15:29). The Meshech Chochmah points out that two doves make for a relatively small and unassuming offering, meant to keep a woman’s cycle as private and as discreet as possible. In contrast, the offering for the metzora (one that had tzaraas) is initially two birds, a cedar plank, a scarlet thread, and water, followed by shaving off all bodily hair twice, then bringing three animals and an oil offering. What is the reason for such a variance in these purification offerings?

The Meshech Chochmah illustrates how discretion is used when appropriate and abundance is used when appropriate. One who is afflicted with tzaraas must go through a very public separation from his family and friends and shave his body. The offerings prescribed after this ordeal are meant to match the attention received for the malady, thereby becoming an equally public declaration of betterment. The Torah highlights a beautiful understanding of and sensitivity to the individual and one’s specific circumstances and encourages us to do the same.