Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Metzora 6th Aliyah

The Torah discusses the laws of niddah (menstrual cycles), the need to separate during niddah, and an additional seven-day separation (15:19). Not only is the woman impure during her cycle and for an additional seven days, but should she have relations during that time, the man also becomes impure for seven days (15:24). Why are these laws so restrictive, and is there significance to the seven days?

Kabbalists compare a relationship to heavenly bodies, waxing and waning regularly. Rabbi Elie Munk suggests that niddah laws are meant to help us avoid excess and overfamiliarity. The Gemara adds that absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps this notion is expressed in the next pasuk, describing a circumstance in which the woman’s blood flows “for many days” (15:25), echoing the sentiment that the abstinence feels long. Our relationships are precious, especially the one that helps us and our children flourish and grow. The laws of niddah are meant to deepen our most important partnership and maximize its success.