Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Korach 6th Aliyah

After Aharon’s staff is used to prove that Aharon was G-d’s choice for Kohen Gadol, G-d commands Moshe to return the staff to the Kodesh Hakodashim (the holiest place where no one but the Kohen Gadol may enter), as a keepsake and reminder of the rebels (17:25). If the staff is meant to serve as a reminder, why is it placed where almost no one will see it?

The Netziv explains that it’s less about people remembering and more about reminding G-d of the uniqueness and potential of the individual by remembering that even when a crowd rises up, they are but a minority. Perhaps this is also why the Torah says, “So that their complaints will end,” where “complaints” is plural, but “end” is in the singular form. This language indicates that both the complaints and resolutions are unique to each individual and should not be used to generalize about a group of troublemakers. This observation highlights the uniqueness of the individual and extends accordingly to the unique potential within each of us.