Today’s Aliyah

Dvar Torah for Kedoshim 7th Aliyah

The Torah tells us to distinguish between tahor (pure) and tamei (impure) animals (20:25). Rashi explains that this differentiation isn’t between a clean animal like a cow and an unclean donkey because that would be unmistakable, but between a kosher cow (appropriately processed) and a non-kosher cow (processed improperly). What is the Torah adding by requiring us to distinguish between kosher and non- kosher animals, and what is Rashi highlighting in his clarification?

Rav Moshe Feinstein points out that the difference between a kosher cow and a non-kosher cow is dictated by the Oral Law, and he suggests that the Torah is imploring us to be scrupulous in our observance of the Oral Torah just as we are in the Written Torah.

Another factor that this mitzvah can be highlighting is that although no one will know if the animal was processed correctly, we must act with integrity to ensure that we act properly. Acting with integrity, especially when no one will know the difference, makes all the difference.