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Daily Aliya for Vayeira, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Avimelech approached Avraham and requested to enter into a treaty with him, whereby neither party will harm the other for three generations. Avraham agreed, but reprimanded Avimelech concerning a well of water which he had dug which was stolen by Avimelech’s subjects. Avraham set apart seven ewes, telling Avimelech to take them as a testimony that he, Avraham, dug the well. Avraham planted an orchard and established an inn in Beer Sheba and proclaimed the name of G‑d to all passersby.

Avraham plants an “Eshel” in Be’er Sheva. In addition to being a type of tree, the word Eshel is an acronym of the Hebrew words for Food, Drink, and Lodgings (or Food, Sleeping, Escort) – the symbol of hospitality for all generations. With these trees, Avraham was literally and figuratively planting the seeds of Chesed for the future, and in our minds.