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Daily Aliya for Vaetchanan, Shishi (6th Aliya)

From and This Aliya begins with the first section of the Shema prayer. This paragraph contains the fundamental mitzvot of belief in G‑d’s unity, love of G‑d, tefillin, mezuzah, and Torah study (see previous blog for more color on this). The section continues with G‑d’s promise to give the Israelites a land filled with bounty and spoils. Moshe admonishes the people to never forget the Creator who provided them with this wealth. Moshe instructs the nation what to respond to their children who might inquire why they observe all the commandments: “We were slaves in Egypt, and G‑d took us out in order that we serve Him, so that we could reap the rewards for doing so.”

The Mitzvah (commandment) of learning and teaching Torah can be fulfilled with one’s head/intellect. Tell someone a Dvar Torah and you both have fulfilled the same Mitzvah. But, tell that same Dvar Torah in an animated way that shows love of G-d and that ignites the emotion of the listener, so that he not only adds to his knowledge of Torah, but his excitement and enthusiasm for Torah and Mitzvot has increased, then you have fulfilled an additional Mitzvah of “V’ahavta”, to love G-d with all your heart. (Sefer HaChareidim)